Each summer many events are held at WOC, from poetry readings, to music residencies, concerts and exhibitions.

Some events in our programme are commissioned and publicised by the Friends of the Chapel. Other events are produced independently and booked through our hire programme. The Chapel may be hired as a venue for an invited audience or for events which are open to the public. Groups are responsible for managing their own publicity and ticketing.

You can hire Walpole Old Chapel for your special celebration and for
concerts, lectures, meetings and other events. Some examples of events that the Chapel welcomes include, but are not limited to: poetry readings, literature events, concerts, plays, performances, exhibitions, residencies, workshops; classes (yoga, music, meditation), meetings and group visits. The Chapel is also available for location filming.

Walpole Old Chapel has seating for up to 180, with limited off-road free parking for 30-40 cars. There are also toilets (including for disabled) and tea/coffee making facilities available. Our friendly team of volunteers are on hand for car parking, stewarding and guiding as required.

The Chapel is available to hire by the hour/day/ week. Prices are available on application. Contact us.

All profit from the hire of the Chapel goes towards its care and upkeep, and will contribute to our major fundraising campaign for its repair and restoration.

Walpole Old Chapel remains a place of religious ceremony. It offers a beautiful setting for weddings, blessings, and celebrations, and for commemorations, memorial events and dedications. The Chapel is licensed for same sex marriages.

Weddings and Blessings

'"Walpole Old Chapel is a remarkable place to get married. Our wedding ceremony there was incredibly special and something that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. 

The building is stunning in its simplicity. It holds a peacefulness which, in the mad rush of our wedding day, we found helped our minds to settle and to be present. Standing together, with the people you love the most, you can feel the history of the people who have been drawn to this building over centuries, to be closer to God in a way that made sense to them as individuals in their own lives (rather than the conventions of the age). For us, that instilled an openness and welcoming foundation for our first moments of married life. Everyone involved with the chapel embodies these qualities too, as we were met with incredible generosity and kindness by everyone who helped us. The Rev Bill Mahood in particular was someone you want leading proceedings on perhaps the biggest days of your life: Experienced, warm and with a great sense of humour, he set the tone for a day we shall never forget and our life ahead together as a couple."

 'Kate & Charlie' 

A wedding in church or chapel is both a religious and a legal event, and must therefore comply with the requirements laid down by law. Walpole Old Chapel is recognised by law as a building in which weddings may take place, and is also licensed for same sex marriages.
The wedding service must be in the tradition from which the chapel comes, and either the local Registrar, or a duly Authorised Person must be present to register the marriage in law and issue the Marriage Certificate. The couple getting married are required to attend at the Registrar’s Office well in advance of the wedding to obtain the Certificates of Marriage which are necessary if the marriage ceremony is to take place in the chapel. While the Order of Service for the marriage follows the Congregational pattern, in practice it is very flexible, and can normally meet any special requirements of the couple being married. Details can be discussed with the minister conducting the service. 

The Blessing of a couple following a Civil Marriage 

A service for the Blessing of a Civil Marriage can be held in the Chapel for a couple requesting it. This is a purely Christian religious event and has no legal significance.


Traditionally, a person is baptised in church by a priest or minister of the church. Technically, a person can be baptised anywhere by anyone; what counts is what those who are involved believe is happening. It is possible to hold a service of baptism in the chapel, but all involved would need to be clear in their understanding of the meaning of what they were doing, and of its implications for the future Christian nurture of the child. Parents wishing to have their children baptised in the chapel are advised to contact the secretary.

Funerals and Memorials

We welcome those who may wish to gather to mark the passing of a loved one and we are happy to make arrangements in accordance with the wishes of the deceased’s family.

Walpole Old Chapel
Halesworth Road
Suffolk IP19 9AZ
To view the chapel out of hours, please email us
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