Hexachordia “Greensleeves and Yellow Lace” Concert

Hexachordia early music concert “Greensleeves and Yellow Lace”

18th July 3.00pm

Hexachordia will present a concert of music and readings inspired by style and fashion in sixteenth-century England. Singing and playing on lutes, renaissance guitar, viols, recorders and bagpipes, the group will present tunes heard at the royal court by composers such as John Dowland and John Johnson, reflecting the upper-class preoccupation with fine lace, dainty slippers and colourful clothes. The trio also play and sing music popular at lower levels of society, including rounds and catches on petticoats, garters and hats!

Tickets £10 on the door.

Walpole Old Chapel
Halesworth Road
Suffolk IP19 9AZ
To view the chapel out of hours, please email us
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