Baptism Database

Below is our searchable database containing baptism records for the Walpole Chapel between 1706 and 1837. 

Date ranges can be narrowed down using the tool at the bottom of the date columns. 

The full document Notes on the Walpole Chapel Baptism Records 1706-1837 can be viewed here, or by clicking the PDF link/image.

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wdt_ID Given name Gender Father Mother Surname Abode born baptised minister Family tree
1 Francis son Francis ADAMS Sibton 21/12/1733 14/10/1733 John Crompton
2 John son Francis Elizabeth ADAMS Sibton 27/12/1735 20/01/1736 John Crompton
3 Mary daughter Francis Elizabeth ADAMS Sibton 04/03/1738 01/05/1738 John Crompton
4 William son Francis Elizabeth ADAMS Cratfield 01/07/1741 23/10/1741 John Crompton
5 Caroline daughter James Marian ALDRED Walpole 25/11/1828 30/12/1828 Joseph Mayhew
6 Sarah daughter James Mary Ann ALDRED Walpole 07/12/1830 23/01/1831 Joseph Mayhew
7 Sarah daughter Richard Sarah ALDRED Chediston 15/03/1790 29/03/1790 John Walker
8 Sarah daughter Richard ALDRED Walpole 31/12/1708 John Crompton
9 Abraham son William Elizabeth ALGAR Halesworth 03/11/1738 03/11/1738 John Crompton
10 Abraham son William Elizabeth ALGAR CHARLTON 27/02/1742 15/03/1742 John Crompton may refer to Carlton Colville
Given name Gender Father Mother Surname Abode born baptised minister Family tree
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