“Peaceful and uplifting”, “Extraordinary and unique”, “Wonderful and thought-provoking”: just some of the comments in the Chapel Visitors Book.

People who come to WOC respond to its powerful atmosphere, built up over some three centuries of praise, worship and community, sometimes against a background of persecution and prejudice.

We know something – but not enough – about the early years of struggle, when a group of people from the local area answered a call to come together, in the teeth of oppressive laws, to follow their faith in their own way. We know little about the generations of successors who, in succeeding centuries, came together, preached, sang and prayed within these walls.
The Walpole Old Chapel Discovery Project sets out to fill in some of these blanks. A group of local volunteers will work with an experienced historian to unearth the stories of these people, who they were, where they came from, what part they played in the life of the village and how the Chapel was woven into the life of Walpole.

Alongside this work, there will be a series of talks and events in Walpole exploring the village’s past and keeping people in touch with the progress of the project.

If you have stories to tell or memories of the Chapel and its life, please get in touch with the Discovery Team Leader, Miriam Stead at discovery@walpoleoldchapel.org


Walpole Old Chapel
Halesworth Road
Suffolk IP19 9AZ
To view the chapel out of hours, please email us
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